Need to know before and on your wedding day.
Your Trial
It is essential to have a trial before the big day! A trial should ideally be booked no later than 3 months before your wedding day. This will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, discuss looks, what suits you; products and test for any sensitivity to products used. Most importantly, it makes everything feel that little bit more real! Knowing how you will look on your wedding day after having a trial will put your mind at ease and help you to feel confident. Kay recommends about 2-3 hours for a trial and if you have any photos or ideas, please let Kay know so she can work to the exact look you want. The same applies to your hair trial. 
Kay personally prefers to do a trial as this allows her to meet the bride and get to know them, so that she can work to exactly what the bride is after and to help build confidence and trust, so that when it comes to the big day, Kay will be a friendly and familiar face walking through the door, ready to help create that beautiful look the bride desires by enhancing her natural features, before putting on the beautiful dress!
  1. BRIDE
    Hair & Makeup Hair & Makeup Hair Hair Makeup Makeup
    Trial Day Trial Day Trial Day
    £170 £230 £80 £120 £90 £130
    Hair & Makeup Hair & Makeup Hair Hair Makeup Makeup
    Trial Day Trial Day Trial Day
    £130 £170 £60 £80 £70 £90
    Hair & Makeup Hair & Makeup Hair Hair Makeup Makeup
    Trial Day Trial Day Trial Day
    £130 £170 £60 £80 £70 £90
  4. YOUNG BRIDESMAID (under 12 years)
    Bridal Hair Bridal Hair
    Trial Day
    £20 £30
    Hair & Makeup Hair Makeup
    Day Only
    £130 £ 60 £70
Tips & Tricks
· Choose your headwear in plenty of time and think about how you want your hair on the big day. It’s always worth having your hair trial after you’ve chosen whether you want to wear a tiara or veil etc.

· Don’t try anything new or wacky before your wedding. It’s best to stick to what you know and feel happy with. If you want to try out a different look it’s best do it at least 6 weeks before the big day so you can rectify it if anything goes wrong!
· Always leave plenty of time in the morning to get ready as time goes so fast! Some brides don’t realise just how long it takes.
· Choosing the right lipstick is very important as this is the main product you will need to top up throughout the day! You need to shop around and try lots of different colours/ tones, as a lipstick can look totally different on the lips as to how it does in the bullet. As a guide, opt for a shade which compliments your blush - so if your blush is more of a coral tone, go for a more coral lipstick and the same applies for pink tones. If you love a strong lip colour, just remember that against a light-coloured wedding dress, it will look brighter and more obvious and if you love a statement lip, so try to keep the eyes softer and more natural, to avoid looking like a 'bridal doll'. Formulation wise, long lasting lipsticks are great for a wedding day, ​ but make sure that they don't make the lips look/ feel too dry. Also, be wary of lip colours/ tones that make teeth look yellow (not a good look with a white wedding dress)!

· If any of your bridal party are having a 'blow out' for the wedding day, it's best to wash hair that morning and leave it wet for the artist to prep with the right products and give the best blow dry for a great finish.

·  If you are having your hair styled for your wedding day, it's usually best to wash your hair the night before and do not put any products in it.
· Clarify with the wedding party prior to wedding day what each person will owe for hair and makeup, so there is no last-minute confusion settling the bills.
· Going back to lipstick, it's always a good idea to have your own lipstick or gloss for the day. As good as some products can be at staying put, sadly, lipstick and gloss just aren’t one of them after eating, drinking, talking and kissing or course! It's also handy to keep a powder on you in case you get a little flustered throughout the day which is only natural as emotions are running high.
· If your planning on having a 'summer glow' on your wedding day, please, please trial out fake tan before! You don't want to be streaky, the wrong colour or for it to transfer to your dress- what a disaster that would be!